Every system needs to be upgraded to reinforce security, take advantage of enhanced features, continue receiving support and maintain your technology investment. However upgrading always comes with risk that it will break something or be broken. When that disrupts end users, the damage can often outweigh the benefits. An impact analysis is essential whether you plan to upgrade ERPs, CRMs, commercial off-the-shelf products, servers, databases, developments or frameworks.


XL Solutions will help you upgrade your systems the right way—without fear of failure or negatively impacting your customers, partners or employees. Our team has completed over 35 major upgrades, and we’re your greatest ally in success. Our proven methodology begins with an impact analysis to foresee any potential problems. Then we perform multiple dry-runs and solve any problems that arise after every round. That way the actual upgrade goes off without trouble. Our due diligence enables you to experience the full benefits of upgrading without risk. Talk to us about your reservations about upgrading.