Advisory Board

Experience, inspiration and commitment. Therein lie the pillars of XL Solutions’ track record of success.

Behind and beside our core team of experts in IT technology and software development, you’ll find an extraordinary advisory board supporting our every step. It is a rare benefit to our clients to have these advisors’ collective experience providing oversight of their projects.

They are there to support our efforts on every client project. They question, advise and inspire us with wisdom and expectations that constantly push us to new heights of innovation and ground us in humility that holds us true to our ideals.

These experts from diverse fields include senior technical people, design experts, brand & marketing leaders and accomplished enterprise architects and software engineers. They provide an invaluable complement to our talented core of innovators and leading-edge technicians.

Unlike other company advisory boards that meet rarely and superficially, our advisors are involved in every project, are available to consult clients and have a direct impact on day-to-day challenges and solutions. Thanks to them, our team has unparalleled reach back and access to precedent that mitigates your risk and drives our performance on every aspect of your project.