Change is hard and the stakes are always high. Whether your organization is planning an upgrade, adaptation or migration, you need the unbiased assessment of experts into your organization’s systems, upgrade readiness and scalability. Insider bias can do you more harm than good by glossing over potential risks that could come back to haunt you. An outside perspective is required to point out the challenges, potential risks and program flaws before implementation and substantial time and resources have been invested.


We form a team of hand-picked experts around your project. These are authorities who know the challenges in IT from many large, complex integrations and other engagements. Together our team brings decades of collective expertise to assess your project in terms of cost, complexity, time and feasibility. That includes delivering the bad news when necessary. Personal integrity permeates every aspect of our work. That makes your assessment report a powerful tool for selling your program to management. It goes beyond due diligence by demonstrating the answer to every challenge and helping ensure your success. Ask how we’d approach your project.