Your biggest risk in any complex enterprise application is being wrong in the design phase. Whether you’re migrating to the cloud, upgrading your servers or initiating any other major technology project, success or failure hinges on your design and how well you’ve thought through the details—and failure in this phase gets progressively more expensive the further along you get in implementation. In the end, successful design is the product of experience, but hiring top talent to design and perform due diligence is expensive and not cost effective.


Coming up with a viable and vetted design in a timely fashion is a job for outside experts with the right chemistry to complete your team. XL solutions will provide you with the framework for success by assembling the ideal talent for your challenge and following a proven process. We draw from our in-house lineup of IT enterprise architects who have many years of experience in multiple industries working on a range of intricate projects. They set to work developing an intimate understanding of your big picture. They focus on solving your needs from many angles and thoroughly debate the merits and downsides of each solution. Talk to us about how we’d approach your project.